Practical Tips for Your Next Hiking Trip

Hiking can be an exciting outdoor physical activity, one that gives you a chance to experience the wonders and beauty of nature. Hiking is not that complicated, but it does require you to be in proper physical condition before you go on a hiking trip. You will also need to know the basics of hiking so that you stay safe and enjoy your excursion. Here are some practical tips you can use for your next hiking trip.

Daniel HindmanClothing

When you are hiking, it is best not to wear cotton clothing, but rather clothing made of synthetic material. You can choose light, loose-fitting clothing layers as they are more effective than heavy clothing. If you are hiking in the mountains, you need to be conscious of the weather, and a three-season layered system with a synthetic shirt, fleece jacket, and rain shell will be ideal. Instead of wearing heavy hiking shoes, you might want to get a pair of hiking shoes or trail running shoes. They are lighter than hiking boots, and you will conserve energy wearing them.

Miscellaneous Gear

If you are hiking during the day between base camps, you might want to carry a comfortable daypack, one large enough to store your hiking stuff. Make sure you take a rain pack cover, simply because the weather can often suddenly change without warning. If you are going to be sleeping outdoors, you should take a 3lbs synthetic sleeping bag. Avoid using cheap hiking gear as there is no guarantee that it will work while you are hiking. Instead buy quality branded hiking gear.

Cooking Tips

Starting a campfire to cook while hiking is a more and more a thing of the past. You will need to carry a reliable, lightweight backpack/hiking stove. Cooking with this is easy and environment-friendly. If you are hiking in cold temperatures, you will need to carry an extra bottle of fuel.

Daniel Hindman regularly goes hiking in the mountains around Colorado.