Daniel Hindman – Real Estate

Daniel Hindman is a professional in the real estate industry who has a multi-tiered approach to the sector as a whole, fulfilling many roles in the field and making sure to be the best at all of them. He has always been interested in architecture, but he knew that his best skills were in general contracting as well as the business of renovating and selling refurbished homes or building new ones from scratch. Below is a breakdown of the many hats that he wears in the real estate business.

Daniel Hindman

Daniel Hindman

General Contracting

Hindman got his first experience in real estate through working as a general contractor out of Colorado Springs. It was here that he gained pivotal knowledge of various aspects of construction, including but not limited to: plumbing, wiring, foundations, flooring, roofing, windows, patios, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Custom Home Building

After working with the general contractor for years, Hindman then went on to work for a custom home builder, where he used his general contracting knowledge to install a number of unique features that were specifically requested by his buyers. This experience gave him the ability to think outside of the box and do things with his future real estate investments that others wouldn’t think about.

Real Estate Investments

From taking old, worn developments, refurbishing them and renting them as luxury condos to giving others expert advice on how to do the same, Hindman brings a large amount of business skill to the table of real estate investing that is supplemented with his foundation of homebuilding knowledge.